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About the Salon

A high-end Japanese salon.

A high-end Japanese salon. Your hair can rest at ease now that we've established the first Japanese salon in Bangalore. A chic, relaxing Japanese atmosphere with a touch of Indian spice, we offer the best in Japanese salon treatments. Skilled not only in cuts but also coloring, perms, and straightening, our highly experienced stylists will choose the optimum treatment to give your hair a stylish, more beautiful finish. We've exported Japanese beauty to India. Using advanced techniques never before seen in Indian salons, we will make sure all our customers leave feeling satisfied and refreshed in both hair and mind. Thorough even in the selection of our shampoo, please enjoy a moment of bliss in our nature-filled, mystical environment.

日本のサロンそのまんま。Japanese High-End salon s it is.
バンガロールには今まで日本人の美容院がありませんでしたが、もう大丈夫。Now you have to be NOT worried about your HAIR when you are lived in Bangalore .
インドスパイスを加えたまるで日本にいるかのようなオシャレで寛げる空間で、日本のトップサロンの施術が受けられます。You will take operations in the Japanese high-end quality and Stylish and Relax situation with Indian spice.カットはもちろん、カラー、パーマ、ストレートにトリートメント。どれをとっても経験豊富なスタイリストがあなたにぴったりの薬剤を使い、髪をより美しく、スタイリッシュに仕上げます。


The artist

Yasuhiko Kuroda (BLaCK) was born in 1977 in Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru county Yamanashi prefecture. After graduating from a local preparatory school, he made his way to California where he entered Hayward State University. While studying art there, he became interested in folklore studies. This was the origin of his interest in India. After returning back to Japan Yasuhiko began work as a stylist in Tokyo. He worked for 8 years as both a hair-stylist and make-up artist at a salon in the city. After that, he became an instructor for a beauty product manufacturer and in 2009, he jointly operated the Nagoya salon 'Hair&Make bitter'. Handling numerous customers daily, he took care of around 100 clients per month. Among his clientele were famous magazine models, celebrities and artists. After coming to Nagoya, he did TV interviews, worked on hair and make-up for advertisements, and was published in magazines for his work as stylist; thereby, increasing the scope of his professional activity.

2009 Featured in Tokai TV 'Hayarudamon Kyuden' (Palace of Trends)
2009 Hair and make-up for TSE Co., Ltd. advertisements
2010 Published in Recruit Co.'s 'HotPepper Beauty' as the representative of the Tokai area
2011 Published in the magazine 'Blenda' as a handsome stylist in the Tokai area
He was involved in the opening of the hair salon 'Sweet' in Nishiki and carried out an independent hair show during the 400-person 'house nation' event at Osu X-Hall.

1977年 山梨県南都留郡富士河口湖町生まれ。地元の進学校卒業後、アメリカ・カリフォルニア州立大学ヘイワード校入学。アートを学ぶとともにいろいろな民俗学に触れる。そこからインドに興味を持つ。
日本に帰国後、東京で美容師を始める。8年間都内の美容院に勤め、ヘアメイクとしても活動する。その後美容メーカーのインストラクターを経て、2009年、名古屋に共同経営という形で【Hair&Make bitter】を経営する。
2009年 東海テレビ【ハヤルンダモン宮殿】に特集
2009年 ㈱TSEの広告のヘアメイク
2010年 リクルート社【HOTPEPPER BEAUTY】東海代表として掲載
2011年 雑誌【BLENDA】に東海地方のイケメン美容師として掲載

錦にあるセットサロン【SWEET】の立ち上げに携わり、大須X-HALL(クラブ)で行われた【HOUSE NATION】という400人規模のイベントで単独ヘアショーを行う。

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